The Storytelling House

I am naturally drawn to anything old and that tells a story. I wanted the efficiency and design of a new build, while incorporating old character into it. I wanted to be sure to incorporate pieces into the house that were unlike pieces in any other new build or house for that matter. Throughout my blogging journey, I plan to share several pieces that have been purchased and repurposed throughout the house.

Anytime I hit up a thrift store, I am bound to find something salvageable. I typically get the look from my family when I come home with yet another great find (in my mind anyway).

One of my first finds for the new build and so far one of my favorites, were old wood corbels. There were several layers of dirt and paint on them, along with extra long nails sticking out in every direction, but I couldn’t resist the thought of what they would look like finished. After several hours of sanding (and a lot of help from my wonderfully talented grandfather), I loved the final product.

In the past, I probably would’ve wanted to paint them white. Not sure if it’s my ageing self or change in taste, but I now have such an appreciation for the look of natural wood. I knew our house would have a lot of white it in already (baseboards, kitchen cabinets, etc.), so I wanted some contrast and something that really showed the routes of these old corbels.

I chose to go with a more natural color stain, Driftwood by Minwax. I really hope to use more Driftwood stain throughout the house (perhaps on our fireplace mantel). My vision is to use these two beauties in the upper corners of either the entryway leading into the living room or the entryway leading into the kitchen, it’s something I will have to feel out once I’m in each space.


The corbel on the left is one stained in driftwood, the corbel on the right is after it was entirely sanded down prior to stain.

Corbels are becoming seemingly more popular in home décor, particularly in farmhouse style. They make for great accent pieces grouped with a cluster of other décor pieces, or as book ends. I recently saw several different styles at Hobby Lobby.

But, if you want the real deal, shop around at flea markets, antique stores, yard sales and be sure not to let a little dirt or a lot layers of paint scare you away from the beauty that lies underneath.


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