While in limbo…

The main purpose of this blog is to document the design, build, and décor of our new home.

However, we are in a bit of a limbo period currently. We are waiting on drafts to come back to give the final yes/no, this will most likely take several weeks. From there, we wait until the long, cold winter passes by (I hate wishing time away), until we can start breaking ground in the spring (fingers crossed and weather dependent, we are hoping on an April Start!).

My grandfather and I have been busy working on pieces for the new home, and I will be sure to start posting them as we finish. In the meantime, I thought I would share some images of DIY projects we did in our old home.

Open Shelves- DIY

Open Shelves.PNG

The picture above was one of my favorite little corners in our old home. I was able to purchase the dry sink for 50 bucks! It took a lot of elbow grease and sanding then was stained a Mahogany red, but it was brought back to life.

I originally had a large mirror hanging above it, but wanted to add something with more dimension. Open shelves were becoming more popular, and I knew it would be super simple to make our own. We purchased a 12inch wide x 8ft long piece of solid pine and four corbels. We then cut the pine board in half to make two 4ft shelves, and attached the corbels underneath. The shelves were stained the same color as the dry sink, Mahogany red. The entire shelf project was around 50 bucks as well! I will say, the price of lumber has gone up astronomically since these were done (I’m finding this out with recent projects I am working on).

Fortunately, the lovely couple who purchase our home allowed us to take all of our wall mounted shelves with us. Uncertain as to where they may go in our new home, but I am certain I will find a place.

Coffee Bar- DIY

Kitchen 1.PNG

We renovated our kitchen in our last home. We reused the cabinets that were already there, as they were solid oak, and painted them white. However, there was a section in the kitchen that was used as a desk. We never really utilized this desk space, and I knew I wanted to do something different. I also knew I wanted some sort of display cabinet. I then came up with the idea of a coffee bar.

We headed off to Lowe’s to purchase stock unfinished cabinets. As you can see we purchased a lower and an upper. In upper cabinet, we cut out the front panel and replaced it with glass (this was done by a local glass shop). We then purchased LED lights to place in the upper cabinet. Hooks were mounted underneath to attach the coffee mugs. The two drawers were used to store K-cups, tea, etc.

This came to be one of my favorite parts of the kitchen. We obviously painted the cabinets white and added molding and corbels to make for a more custom look. Because the granite countertops were so busy, I wanted a subtle background, which is why I went with white bead board (it also tied in with the theme of the rest of the house).

Months later, I painted the back of the cabinets a pale yellow as you can see in the picture. I felt it needed a bit of color with all the white.

Mudroom- DIY

Old Home Mudroom.JPG

Believe it or not, our mudroom space used to consist of three small closets and window. As you can see, we knocked several walls down, and replaced the window with a glass door. The door not only provided additional access into the home, but added a lot of natural light into the space.

I had a vision for what I wanted the space to look like, and again my grandfather was able to build it. We used pine boards again for the bench, top shelf and trim. We added the bead board on the back to tie in with the rest of the house. Corbels were again added to give it more of a custom look. We kept underneath the bench open as we had baseboard that couldn’t be covered. The bench was stained a Mahogany red to contrast against the white. I absolutely loved how this turned out and new that I wanted a built in four our mudroom in the new house (which we are currently working on).

Every home is a labor of love, and I am glad I could share some of my favorites from our previous home.


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