Week 1

Week 1 has come and gone and it’s hard to believe that we have officially started our house build! This is something I have been talking and dreaming about for years, so I am still pinching myself that this is real!!

The beginning of the week we had a lot of rain which made it difficult for the excavation. The crew worked late into the evening to ensure we would be able to get our superior walls placed at the end of the week.

This week I had to make a quick decision on our front door color. It needs to be ordered well in advance so it is here in time. We are doing a double front door (gahh!!) with 3/4 glass pane. I would love to have a real wooden door, but not practical with where we live. Next best thing? a fiberglass door that has an oakgrain look and stain. This did however limit us to 6 color options. I also did not have any samples and had to base my decision on colors posted online. Crossing my fingers I made the right choice!

Below are some pictures that were taken throughout the week. Our contractor who did our driveway snapped some of these aerial photos from his plane! Lucky to have them!

The next couple of weeks on the house may be slow go as we wait for our foundation to be poured before the framing can begin, however our life will not be slow go. Our oldest will be graduating from preschool (insert sad face here) . He will also be presenting money he raised last summer at his lemonade stand for the Children’s Miracle Network on TV during our local telethon weekend. One proud mama! Thanks for checking in. Have a fantastic week!!



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