My name is Megan and I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, where I still currently reside.

I am not much of a writer, or a good writer, but I wanted to start a blog to capture our home building process . I am obsessed with all things home and design.

When I was 18 years old, I was faced with the same decision most 18 year olds are, “What to do I want to be when I “grow” up”? To me it was always natural to know that I would go into healthcare. I was raised by two nurses. I grew up thinking it was normal for parents to work weekends, holidays, and off shifts. I also spent most of my senior year and summer prior to college working in a hospital as a nursing assistant. I was bound and determined to get away from our little town and be a big city girl.

In 2004, I left for college in Philadelphia. I was a biology major with the hopes of one day going to medical school. In a couple short weeks I realized two things; 1. I was NOT a city girl 2. Maybe pre-med wasn’t for me. Both of my parents were always supportive of my decisions (whether they agreed with them or not), and accepted the fact that I hated the city and wanted to change majors. BUT, I had to finish the full year at Temple. So I did. During that year at Temple, I was very focused on getting out of the dorm and into an apartment that was once an old warehouse. Although this never happened, it was probably my first indicator of my future passion.

That summer I returned back home to our small town and in the fall started a nursing program. I met some really great girls who taught me great study habits and I did well all throughout nursing school.Β  I also met my now husband during those years. After graduating, I started working immediately in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Although being a PICU nurse had it’s many challenges, I don’t regret it one bit and it will always be a true passion of mine.

Shortly after starting my nursing career in the PICU, I got married to my sweetheart of 5 years in October 2011. After getting married, I moved into my husband’s house. A couple years prior, my husband purchased his grandparents old house. It was a charming 3 bedroom cape cod. Despite it’s charm, it needed a lot of updating. My husband was a great sport, and we spent several years fixing it up, doing most of the work ourselves. Although we spent a lot of sweat and tears fixing up the house, it was always a dream of mine to build. My husband was never on board with building, so we kept on with the renovations. In December 2012, we welcomed our first child, Jack into the world. Any home renovations that were taking place got put on hold. It’s really insane how such tiny beings can consume so much of your life. Despite Jack not sleeping for nearly 2.5 years, we were able to continue on with projects at our house. My grandfather was instrumental in making all of my visions come true. He is a true craftsman and if I could draw it on paper, he could create it.

In fall of 2014, we found out we were expecting our second child, a baby girl.

One day, out of the blue, my husband brought up the idea of building a house. I was in shock and disbelief of course, but I took it and ran with it. I think it was probably the next day that I had the “For Sale” sign posted in our front yard. Life was good, we had a healthy little boy and a baby girl on the way, and I was getting my dream of building.

But as anything in life, nothing lasts forever, nothing is perfect, and nothing is promised. In April of 2015, a few short weeks prior to my due date, my father was diagnosed with a pretty aggressive lung cancer. Despite the odds, my father pressed on and battled through to the end. On May 18th, 2015, the same day we found out the cancer did not metastasize to my father’s brain, was the day our little Norah was born. It was just what our entire family needed during this difficult time.

My father was able to have a couple good months after his diagnosis, but unfortunately the aggressive cancer and chemotherapy became too much. Although his body couldn’t handle the fight anymore, his heart never gave up. On December 2nd, 2015, my father passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his family.

After my father’s passing, it took me a long time to feel like a could fully function again. I had two young children and a stressful job. I was struggling with sadness and PTSD from events leading up to my fathers passing. My husband and I put selling our home and building on hold, which was for the best.

After about a year, we sold our house and moved in temporarily with my in-laws until we could start building. In November 2016, I left my position in the PICU and started in a new nursing positon in a Pediatric Complex Care Clinic.

I love nursing,Β  it’s in my blood, but my true passion is for all things home and design. My father’s middle name is Jerome, thus the name of the blog. He was always my biggest fan and supporter and I feel it’s only appropriate and necessary he’s incorporated into this journey. I started this blog not only because of my love and obsession for all things home and design, but also to help me begin to heal.

And so it begins……..